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If you ever find yourself wondering whether your design is good enough, remember that because the Golang developers opposed generics so adamantly the Kubernetes community ended up with a code generation script (which has the templates defined as string literals and only seems to run in $GOPATH) that is being used to provide type safe client objects for every single API resource. Yikes!

I spent a significant amount of time figuring out how to limit the memory of a child process in Celery without affecting the parent. In the end I wrote a dead simple setrlimit & exec program in C which I'm using to launch the target process. It's way simpler and more predictable than it ever could've been in Python.

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Having to interact with 15 years old Oracle 10g on a 12 years old Windows XP at school really makes me question my life's choices. Among other things.

I can't wait to complete my degree so that I can start learning again at a higher pace.

Ain't this a funny thought.

I spent like 5 hours ripping my hair out because I had 5 statements indented a *bit* too deep.

Back to working from the hackerspace, first time since the move to the new location. Now with a *standing* setup.

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I jak ja mam teraz dokończyć rzeczy jak nie ma deadline'u?!

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Oddly enough, I recently perform better when I sleep less.

Once again I spent hour upon hours researching how to do something and putting off implementing it to have it working in an hour since I started coding. It ended up being much simpler than I anticipated.

Don't spend so much time planning, just jump into it and deal with obstacles as they come.

Dopóki do akademików nie wróci internet postanowiłem przetestować pracowanie w coworku (duh). Póki co się sprawdza, tylko klimy brak.

Likwidowałem wczoraj połączenia sieciowe z pokojami (skrętka) i światem zewnętrznym (światłowody).


Terapeutyczne przeżycie, polecam.

Myślicie, że we spejsie jest wystarczająco ludzi, którym czasem chce się coś napisać żebyśmy mogli pomyśleć o zrobieniu zine'a?

For the last couple of weeks I've been getting really deep into a love hate relationship with chess. I absolutely adore the game and I'm learning more and more all the time but I really just can't get even a single decent game against a human. It makes me feel like I wasn't made to play chess and that thought is no fun.

Dostałem od PG akademik na kolejny rok, ale CUI nadal nie zawodzi.

When they put this semester on my diploma they should make sure to put the biggest asterisk right next to it.

This lockdown thing was going really well until all the professors and TAs realized they have entire weeks of time deficit and need to catch up really fast. They might call it the student syndrome but in reality most people will put everything off until later given the chance to do so.

I used to have a very satisfying daily routine before school came back into the picture. Now I struggle to get out of bed at a decent hour every day.

This seems like a really simple way to launch and manage private game servers

Turns out there's no straightforward way to fetch every reply to a tweet. The API simply doesn't provide an endpoint for it and the mobile site which you can scrape only displays a few entries and doesn't provide paging.
The best you can do is fetch all tweets directed @ the author since their original status and filter them offline. Which obviously doesn't scale very well.

Twitter *really* doesn't want to have people making custom clients, huh?

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