Excuse me, what are the alternatives for notion or confluence? Like worthy open source alternatives from this era?

@not7cd i gotta stop recommending Logseq to people, but give it a go 😂
I wouldn't call it Notion alternative exactly, but depending on what type of data you work on, might suit your needs.
You could try as well ☺️

@nomadbynature wow, logseq looks amazing. I'm an avid roam research user, so it looks perfect. But I was looking for something for a team.

@not7cd they are working on a collab option. For now you could share your graph with others through GitHub, but it wouldn't be so seamless.
Obsidian is also working on collab option.
So you'd have to wait a bit if you like these tools 🤗
If you're a Roam user, then Logseq is definitely for you!

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